Sunday, August 29, 2010

Midwives for Haiti

Midwives for Haiti is a non-profit organization that was founded by Nadene Brunk, Certified Nurse Midwife. This Virginia based 501c3 organization was founded in 2004. Since its inception, Midwives for Haiti has provided Haitian women with the proper education and tools to keep women and babies safe during the birthing process.

Lack of proper prenatal care and skilled birth attendants makes Haiti the most dangerous place in the western hemisphere to have a baby. In Haiti 48 of 1,000 infants die during birth and 520 of 100,000 women die during labor. These statistics are detrimental to the social development and well-being of so many families in Haiti.

Midwives and Clinicians from all around the world come together through Midwives for Haiti and teach Haitian women proper prenatal care and teach the skill of being a proper birth attendant.
Midwives for Haiti depends on volunteers and donations to continue to help so many in that part of the western hemisphere. If you’d like to contribute in any way, please visit, or follow them on Facebook.

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