Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FFOM Wants to Hear Your Birth Story

Due to the volume of quick responses, the ACOG website survey on homebirth was password protected after 18 hours. The effort to flood them with positive birth stories was an immediate success. Visit the Citizens for Midwifery Grassroots Network and The Big Push for Midwives campaign for more information. Thanks for your support!

The ACOG survey demonstrates that the opposition to home birth is powerful and organized. Midwives and consumers of midwifery care need to stay informed, and be ready to support midwives politically. Stay connected to events and actions in Florida by joining Florida Friends of Midwives. There is an e-group, forums, and a newsletter to keep you informed of important events.

We still want to hear your positive birth story! To tell your birth story to support midwives, please submit it to the Florida Friends of Midwives website. Follow the instructions below, and email birth stories to

How to Submit Your Birth Story:

If you would like to submit of your birth with a Florida midwife, here is what to do:

1. Submit your story in a .txt or .doc format. All stories should be accompanied by photographs in .jpeg, .jpg, .eps format.

2. Include your name and a title for the story.

3. Stories should be ¾ page to 1 ½ pages. Try to separate your story in to several paragraphs.

Please spell check your story before you send to us! It sounds very basic, but it is important and helps us get the stories up sooner. We will make corrections if necessary, but you will help us out greatly if you spend some time checking your story for accurate spelling and grammar.

We will notify you if your story is used and provide you with a link to view it on the website. Again, please be aware that we may edit your story for grammar, punctuation, spelling and length if necessary. It may take us up to a month to post your story, if it's used. Try to be patient with us.

VERY IMPORTANT! You MUST include a statement with your story that you give FFOM permission to print your story. We cannot publish it to the web without this statement!

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