Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Florida Friends of Midwives Endorses MAMA Campaign

Florida Friends of Midwives endorses the MAMA Campaign, a collaborative effort by the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM), Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), Citizens for Midwifery (CfM), International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC), North American Registry of Midwives (NARM), and the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC). This partnership is now at work to gain federal recognition of Certified Professional Midwives so that women and families will have increased access to quality, affordable maternity care in the settings of their choice.

Help ensure that low income women on Medicaid all across the country can choose midwifery care – Donate Today! Any amount you can give will help Certified Professional Midwives be recognized under federal Medicaid law. If every supporter in Florida donated $25 and if busy midwives and birth centers donated $500 or $1,000, we would be well on our way to meeting our fundraising goal. Help us sustain the work of organizing and lobbying that it takes to make our voice heard in Washington, DC. Donate today at

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